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Enable teachers to create a coherent, knowledge-rich and well-organised learning sequence. Buy now, save time and teach with excellence. 4 terms of high quality knowledge and sequenced learning. Influenced by educational research, tasks are written to support the principles of instruction: 

Intelligently written

returnrevisit and retrieve content because practice makes permanent

make the most of worked examples elaborate and connect ideas

connect vocabulary with word origin, pictures and explanation

space out practice to reuse and elaborate on previous learning

interleave concepts and ideas.

For each period of time you get

a big picture timeline

essential knowledge

subject specific vocabulary

a detailed and comprehensive timeline 

well-organised sequence of learning activities 

assessment tasks directly linked to the National Curriculum

Spend time planning well-organised learning experiences, not looking for resources



essential knowledge for each period

vocabulary and definitions

detailed timelines

knowledge of the world for that time.



Each period has a clear sequence of learning that increases in cognitive challenge 

activities to acquire, apply and deepen knowledge

resource templates and worked examples to support learning


(how well do pupils understand?)

each period has assessment tasks directly linked to the National Curriculum

test how well pupils understand the knowledge taught and how skilful they are with it

subject evaluation guidance and templates to check that provision is effective

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Buy now and make better use of your time. Plan high quality, connected lessons WITH these resources.